Our products are licensed on a per user/per computer scheme. The following prices are for one computer/one user

Software licenses under the per user/per computer scheme must not be used by server applications (e.g. web servers)

When purchasing a software license, the 1 year of updates and support are mandatory. We are just separating these two fees for better transparency. The annual update and support fee is indexed with the Austrian CPI as published on

Product Name License Fee Annual Update and
Support Fee
Total Price  
RExcel4 for 32 Bit Excel/32 Bit R 374.00EUR
pre-order: 261.80EUR
59.00EUR 433.00EUR
pre-order: 320.80EUR
RExcel4 for 32 or 64 Bit Excel/32 or 64 Bit R 560.00EUR
pre-order: 392.00EUR
87.00EUR 647.00EUR
pre-order: 479.00EUR
SWord for 32 Bit Word/32 Bit R 311.00EUR 50.00EUR 361.00EUR Purchase
SWord for 32 Bit Word/32 or 64 Bit R 467.00EUR 74.50EUR 541.50EUR Purchase
statconnDCOM 32 Bit (for 32 Bit R) 249.00EUR 40.50EUR 289.50EUR Purchase
statconnDCOM 32/64 Bit (for 32 or 64 Bit R) 373.00EUR 58.50EUR 431.50EUR Purchase
statconnDCOM Server Edition 32/64 Bit (for 32 or 64 Bit R)     ask for quotation Purchase
statconn.NET (includes statconnDCOM 32/64 Bit) 593.00EUR 92.00EUR 685.00EUR Purchase
statconn.NET Server Edition (includes statconnDCOM 32/64 Bit)     ask for quotation Purchase
for Windows, Linux, MacOS X
    on request on request

Prices do not include VAT. VAT has to be charged for

  • orders from Austria and for
  • orders from the European Union if no VAT Id can be provided

Installation support per e-mail (of course including help solving installation problems) is provided with the annual update and support fee. This also includes free updates for the licensed products.

Discounts are available when ordering multiple licenses (typically 11+ licenses). Please ask for a quote


Alternative Licensing Options

The pricing information shown above is for single user/single computer licenses. This means that you will need a distinct licenses for every computer (even if used by the same person) and for every user (even if used on the same computers).

We do provide alternative licensing options:

  • floating licenses (concurrent licenses): multiple users may use the same license; minimum 3 licenses
  • server application licenses: a server application may use/incorporate the software

Payment Options

Available payment options are

  • Credit card (money transfer fees are added to invoice total) or
  • PayPal (PayPal fees are added to invoice total) or
  • bank transfer/SEPA (in EUR, all money transfer charges have to be paid by you).

For Credit card and PayPal we do offer different currencies than EUR, too, but typically the payment provider's exchange rate is better than we can provide.

Payment Conditions

Payment has to be done within 14 days after receipt of the invoice in EUR currency to our bank account in Austria. Any charges caused by the money transfer (also including currency exchange fees) are to be paid by the customer.

Payment within 5 calender days: 3% discount

For first-time customers, software licenses are shipped after full payment has been received. As a special service we are shipping the software licenses for existing customers immediately after processing the order.

Orders from outside the EUR regtion (including Switzerland)

Items are shipped after full payment has been received. Take special care of money transfer fees (including, but not limited to, currency exchange fees). If unsure, use Credit card/PayPal payment option.



Please fill in the web form.

Please take care to provide full address information and a VAT id (if your company is located in the EU).

If you would like to use our software in a server application (e.g. as the backend for a web application), please provide the number of server computers and the number of CPU cores per server computer.


Please fill in the web form.

Please include the following data in your purchase order:

  • Company or Invididual name
  • Full address
  • Specify the products and number of licenses
  • VAT id if you are residing in the European Union

Please note: a handling fee of 54.00EUR is charged in addition to the license fees once for every purchase order. The handling fee is independent of the number of licenses ordered.