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Thomas Baier
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OPC UA is a standard (IEC 62541) mainly designed to allow access to process data from automation units. At least this was the beginning of the standard. Nowadays it is used to intgrate devices (automation devices/units) and SCADA/HMI (supervisory control and data acquisition, human machine interface) software with automation devices.

Additionally, it is used to integrate automation devices with higher level application (e.g. ERP software).

In the automation field, R can be used to preprocess field unit data and provide statistics or special virtual measurement data to higher level applications.

At autstat, together with qmd4, we are thinking about implementing an OPC UA server for R.

This OPC UA server would then provide read and write access to structured and scalar data in R.

An OPC UA server for R can be run on different operating systems and/or CPU platforms, e.g., on Linux on a Raspberry Pi device, and can provide data to SCADA/HMI software as well as to ERP or similar software.

We are now asking you to provide input if this is interesting for you and which data you would like to see in an OPC UA server for R.

Connect any device with ERP software, exchange data with automation devices, this is what OPC UA is for.

Best wishes,
2017-03-11 18:37