autstat Support

Thomas Baier
Posts: 222
Dear forum members,

when creating your forum account, we have always been using your e-mail address as the user name.

As the user name is shown in some occurrences, e.g. when quoting full text from a posting, you should change the user name to something different from your e-mail address.

To prevent automatic e-mail scanning, we are currently removing the domain information from your user name if it looks like an e-mail address, but even if this works for automatic scanners, one could still use the forum interface to find out your e-mail address.

Please change the user name.

You should choose a user name which will allow other forum members to identify who you are, so it is recommended to stay close to your real name. It is also required to provide your real full name in your account properties.

Best regards,
Thomas Baier
2017-06-03 05:49