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I have a connection to SExcel with R in the background. It does not appear that the R that I put library(rcom) in is the R that Excel is talking to. I read the GBSG2 data from the library( into R but I cannot seem to move it to Excel.

I have tried looking at the RExcel book by Heiberger but SExcel seems to work differently. Please can you suggest how to learn how to read the data across from R to Excel. If there is book or manuscript on SExcel, that would be very helpful.

Any help you can send I would appreciated,
2017-11-01 22:38
Thomas Baier
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Dear Suzette,

"background server" means, that R is invisible and a new instance of R is started (no matter if R is already running). To use the R interpreter window you already see, you will have to

1. load rcom in R
2. change settings or SExcel to use the "foreground server"

Best wishes,
2017-11-02 06:04