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Dear Thomas
The dependency of StatconnDCOM on Internet to get started is an inconvenient issue. At least in latin america there are not such facilities at every university classroom. And even, in case you have Internet access, these connections, usually have serveral restriction and problably, in most of cases, nobody would be abel to run StatconnDCOM. I think you should consider to have a local digital signature (may be at registry) to read what you need to read at starting, and make the need of internet access to be a once-time event (at registration).
2017-03-02 21:14
Thomas Baier
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Dear Julio,

statconnDCOM is a commercial product. We do provide several versions of the software.

Only the Home&Student version needs an active Internet connection.

I am sorry if this causes incoveniences for you, but currently statconnDCOM H&S requires an active Internet connection and there are no plans to remove this restriction. Other versions, e.g. statconnDCOM Professional version do not require Internet access for running the software.

As we have been confronted with quite some users using the H&S version from companies and government agencies (also from Latin America) it was time to find a solution to stop this. The alternative is to completely discontinue the H&S version of statconnDCOM and this is definitely not what we want.

We do provide the H&S version for free with a very limiting license and for the past more than 10 years we trusted our users to comply to this license. Bad idea, indeed.

2017-03-03 06:12