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Thomas Baier
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Dear users of autstat software,

due to our past and recent experiences we would like to rework our licensing modalities.

We think, that it is a good idea for people using our software at work to pay for it, and we would like to leave the software free for home and student users.

On February 5, the Home&Student version of statconnDCOM (and hence also RExcel and SWord) stopped working as we had decided to have at least one release every year and we wanted to encourage our users to update to the latest version. Unfortunately the new release scheduled for November 2016 is still not finished yet and therefore no new release had been made in time.

We are currently preparing an intermediate release to get things working again, but before this software gets released a few issues still have to be solved.

To find out what our users are doing with our software and to find a better licensing solution for everyone, we would ask you to fill in the questionnaire provided at

It is more than fair to tell us the truth about how you are using our software. From the download statistics, we know, there must be more than 13000 users out there, and we are asking you all to fill in the questionnaire!

Based on this questionnaire, we will decide how future Home&Student versions of our software will look like and how downloading/licensing will work. From our point of view we want the Home&Student version still to be free, but we will not accept companies/organizations to use the Home&Student version in the future.

The questionnaire will be open until end of February 2017! The results are completely anonymous. Please tell all users of autstat software about the questionnaire and encourage everyone to submit it!

Thanks for your help
2017-02-14 13:48