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Basic Installation Guide

  1. Install R, take care to let R store version information into the Windows registry. 32 Bit R is required, 64 Bit R is optional
  2. Log into your account at and download statconnDCOM
  3. Run the statconnDCOM installer, at the end, make sure the "Test Installation" checkbox is checked
  4. The "Test Installation" application can be used to verify all components needed to run statconnDCOM are installed correctly and will help you in adding missing components

Using the "Test Installation" Application

The application can be run from the statconnDCOM setup as the finishing step. In this case, it is run as user "Administrator". You can start the application from the start menu later. In this case it will be run as the current user (and will not be allowed to modify an existing R installation).

To later modify your system, right-click the entry in the start menu and choose "Run as Administrator".

  • Analyze System will do similar things to statconnDCOM. It will inspect the registry to find out if R is installed and which R version will be used. Afterwards it checks if the packages rscproxy, rcom and scExcel are installed and if they are installed in the global library directory
  • If the R installation cannot be found or if a different installation from the one you want to use is found, choose the item "Choose R version". In the following window, choose the installation directory of the R installation you want to use. This operation can only be performed if the application is started as Administrator
  • To install the packages rcom, rscproxy and scExcel, you can choose the option "Install Packages". This function will take care to install the packages in R's global library directory. An active internet connection is required, as the packages are downloaded from This operation can only be performed if the application is started as Administrator
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