R in your own Application: statconnDCOM

statconnDCOM is the middleware component you can use to integrate R into your application on Microsoft Windows.

statconnDCOM provides a DCOM component for R. The out of process (EXE) server has been designed with both performance and stability in mind. Very low latency makes it well suited for integrating R into an interactive application.

Since 1998 statconnDCOM has been adapted to various versions of R and applications written for statconnDCOM years ago still work with current versions of R without the need for modifications.

statconnDCOM is used by both RExcel and SWord as well as by many other applications, e.g. STATISTICA, FlexArray or SAM. In addition to that, statconnDCOM provides services for some R packages, like, e.g., rcom, R2PPT or R2wd.