R as a Web Service: statconnWS

statconnWS is similar to statconnDCOM in that it provides R as a component to 3rd party applications. Instead of using COM/DCOM as the technology for integration, statconnWS provides R as a SOAP/http web service.

SOAP/http web services are a state of the art technology for integrating various components on the same machine or across machine boundaries. Using statconnWS makes using R on a remote machine very easy. Even different operating systems, like Windows for your desktop application and R running on Linux, are as easy as achieved as running everything on the same computer.

statconnWS itself is a lightweight and very efficient implementation of the web service. No .NET, no Java, no special server hardware or software is required to run it. In addition to the standalone server installed with statconnWS, it can be integrated as a module in Microsoft IIS and Apache http Server.

statconnWS is currently in development. Test versions for Windows will be available soon. statconnWS will support Windows, Linux and MacOS X. Integration into Microsoft IIS and Apache http Server is possible